To exercise the abdominal and lateral model: silhouette

More about dream figure? This article describes some effective slimming and lateral abdominal exercises in the House.

A flat stomach and lack of lateral — Dream Girls Very, but a fairly comfortable correction for this region by using regular exercise. And lateral abdominal slimming exercise to get rid of Along are more important, but exercise and healthy food is clearly visible for the tracking system in accordance with the rules to get results.

A flat stomach and lack of lateral

The basic principles and side abdominal exercise

  • The intensity of exercise, figure out and present the individual parameters.
  • A lot for ones excess weight in the pane on the load side should be a great cardio and abdominal workout more fat to burn.
  • Available for any cardio home exercise: walking, jogging, swimming, jumping rope.
  • The greatest result in order to obtain permission for a workout, just cardio and strength training: body building, cardio exercises burns fat and shake, silhouette Nov and models.
  • To achieve the best effect for exercise 3-4 times a week.
  • Each week the most cardio exercise duration and load power of the hoop.
  • Education the result depends on your effort during exercise and the original volumes.
  • In a certain place impossible to lose weight: exercise and your entire body tightened in order to lose weight during many Nov group.
  • The most effective exercises for lateral — torsion Tue, twist torso and elbow. A broad range of the required exercises, but more without load, to burn fat, not just build the muscles under it, thus creating an excessive amount of. Very important do not skip warming up and ready to exercise for the body with lateral slope folded and warm.

The rules to exercise and next door wife

  • The best time for an effective exercise — a morning. Before breakfast or 2-3 hours after it's in perfect condition the body for fat burning.
  • Wife slimming weight without exercise and lateral in the area by using only your own body weight, or risk Nov under a layer of fat, that will add an extra visual volume.
  • Start and finish the workout with cardio that will replace to you a warm-up.
  • Amplitude and execution the following information exactly with each other.

Warming up exercise for the lateral abdominal

Side of the Rotary body

1. Feet shoulder width, knees slightly bent.
2. Smart your abdominal muscles, lower your shoulders bowed, his hands hold in front of you at chest level.
3. The original position to do it a slow turn with a right turn, then left.
4. Between the stop in the middle of the folded in different directions.
5. Do 10-15 turns each side.


1. Get up, your feet shoulder width.
2. Raise your hands and to the right of the trunk tilt to the right.
3. Only the upper portion of your body tilt to the right, notice, feet flat.
4. Array tilt on the safe side alternately.
5. Tell me the exercise 20 times on each side for 2-3 approach.

Forward tilt

1. Get up, your feet shoulder width.
2. Start negligence down to the ground to palms touching the housing surface.
3. Smoothly bend and not foot back to the starting position, to avoid damage back.
4. 2 approach tell me the exercise 20 times.

For an effective workout, lateral in the House

For an effective workout, lateral circle in the House

Or how about doing a hula hoop circle

The circle torsion — economic view home cardio, calories are burned not only time, but the abdominal and back muscles is being worked on. The circle is indispensable for these women, because it helps to create a slim silhouette and waist-allocated. Lateral most effective slimming of this exercise is in the House. The rotation circle that will help you to get rid of excess body fat, waist, systematic and busy for at least 10 minutes a day.

1. Stand together, feet flat.
2. The goal is to tie your hands behind you.
3. Again with the circle of small-amplitude side-by-side and 88 times each side.
4. Try and delay by breathing the breath of the belly.
5. Exercise 2 in each direction of the rotational movement of approach 88 for the first week, each week increases the number of approaches 2.

Love moving

1. The classic socks and bar focusing on elbows up, torso should be directly without stretching.
2. Keep your elbows just below the shoulder joint.
3. Remove pelvis up, forming the body of the hill, the foot of not bend the knee.
4. Not the top spot for 5 seconds then back to the starting position.
5. Tell me the exercise for 10-15 times.

Sitting twisting

1. To sit down, bend your legs, the knee, the foot is the head of where.
2. Before you take the body 45 degrees.
3. Round the waist, coccyx is a jumble.
4. The elbows bend and the hands press smart.
5. Elbow tilting the body and side-by-side.
6. Tell me the exercise 30 times 3 approach.

Lie twist

1. Drop to the ground, place your hands burn in the hands of a handful of villages.
2. Don't push too hard or lift up your feet from the shoulder, not the floor, bend the knee at an angle of 90 degrees and up steep.
3. Down between his knees, a little distance.
4. Download edge of the gender of the bent leg, but let him go, pelvis, bring it to me, and not the shoulders don't push too hard or the surface.
5. Your legs back to the starting position.
6. Say it again, the same thing on the other side.

Side Bridge

1. On the ground, the body is straight and the other long leg.
2. Lean the elbow and the lower arm of the village.
3. So, deflection of the edge shell of the plane.
4. Up the pelvic floor, straightening, housing, education until a straight line.
5. Weight Conrods a reference between hand and foot soles foot.
6. Lift your head up and look forward.
7. I'm growing up in this position for at least 30 seconds. Exercise increases every week, then another 30 seconds.


1. To sit down, lift your legs and bend your hands at the same time in half by working from the ground.
2. Soon in such a position as long as possible.
3. Not tension, neck, limb hold exactly.
4. Say it 10 times again, paying attention to the weight that is held as long as possible.

Trunk flexion

1. On the ground, bend the legs and knees, hands loosely in the back of his head.
2. Czech safe sex and don't push too hard against the elbow or leg.
3. Go back to the starting position and the tangent at the point of retention.
4. Do and touch turns.
5. Tell me the exercise 20 times to each side 2 approach.