Dukan diet: products allowable

Before you begin, and food value characteristics of the organism, a physician about the compatibility of the DuKane diet and health status.

The first phase of "attack"

The period of limitation in the harshest terms. By establishing the necessary proteins and fat food diet carbohydrate completely completely.

At the initial stage the aim is to re-accelerate the metabolism and eating habits. The loss of 1-6 pounds.

For a long time to withstand the attack for a while 10 days is prohibited. Osteoporosis complications can cause kidney disease can cook the protein in the study of abuse provoke.

Egg with meatballs Dukan diet

The Basic Rules phase "Attack"

No carbohydrate supplementation forces the body to fill its own energy reserves in fat storage.

To get the maximum effect artificially generated a lack necessary, in accordance with certain principles:

  • the first step is definitely allowed to be consumed for a list of specific products;
  • 1.5 tablespoons of any food along with çanakkale dandruff;
  • follow the drinking mode;
  • cooking and heat treatment on the moon for use on roads;
  • practical exercise daily load (walking, jogging, Gymnastics).

Dukan diet allowed foods that are an "Attack":

MeatTurkey, chicken, beef, rabbit and offal
FishFresh and smoked
Milk, eggsA fat-free option

Initially, some products not to use, even some herbs are added. Let's olive oil (1 teaspoon) or a handful of nuts.

Menu of the phase "Attack"

Drunk half an hour before normal meal 1 cup of liquid gas. With food used 1 tablespoon of Bran (oat, cocoa extracts, wheat). Spare pushdown baking bread for Dukan.

A sample diet for a week:

A day1. food intakeSnack2. food intakeSnackIn the evening is always the answer
MondayEggs, 100 g curd, fruit compoteYogurt, half a tablespoon of BranSoup, meat, wholemeal toastOne cup yogurt 0%Any fish steamed in the oven
TuesdayAn omelet, a slice of sirloin, black teaCurd cheeseChicken cutlets – 2 slices of black breadYogurt – 200 grThe turkey in the oven
WednesdayDuhnovsky leaf roll, Cheesecake, Tea-YesilWeight 120 g cottage cheesePamukyer mAh. Ear, 2 small bread trubnyeStick CapricornGarlic rabbit
ThursdayCoffeeWeight 110 g soft cottage cheeseIn the oven the breast, yogurt, dried toastedMint drinkEggs and ham
Friday2 boiled eggs, herbal tea0.5 tbsp of yogurt BranBoiled shrimp – 300 GRLorSoup and dumplings
SaturdayOatmeal cookies, fruit drinkLorBoiled eggsBaked milk – 250 grMeat fish meat
SundayCottage cheese casserole, stewedCheese curdPike soupMilkBeef, garlic

Attack weekly menu

breakfast first

second breakfast

lunch is always the answer

afternoon tea

in the evening is always the answer


omelet 2 eggs with milk and grassy, a ham sandwich, coffee

nonfat yogurt – 150 gr

lemon and garlic baked chicken fillet – 300 GR

steamed shrimp

any fish – 300 g yogurt – 200 gr


leaf roll, Cheesecake, Tea

oat bran with milk porridge

chop mince

oat bran muffin

baked turkey meatballs


boiled eggs, coffee

key lime pie yogurt

mackerel, cooked in white wine

protein whipped sweet, mint tea

red fish omelet roll hair


a sandwich with ham, boiled eggs, tea

veal chops steam

pamukyer mAh. salmon ear


fish salad


leaf roll, cheese omelet

chicken breast in the oven

soup with ground beef

sweet curd cheese

poached salmon fillet


eggs and ham

fish cake, tea

beef steak

Bran pancakes

meat, whole wheat bread with oatmeal


Capricorn salad with chopsticks

coffee cake

pamukyer mAh. ear salmon and poached eggs

vanilla milkshake

turkey meatballs


  • Breakfast – chicken, waffles, yogurt.
  • Lunch always, the answer is tomato soup and seafood, Yesil tea.
  • Afternoon tea – cottage cheese casseroles, yogurt.
  • Tom yam shrimp soup
  • In the evening always the answer – chicken and broccoli casserole.


  • Breakfast – pancakes, coffee.
  • Lunch is always the answer – soup, dumplings, tea.
  • Afternoon tea – leaf roll, cheesecake, yogurt.
  • In the evening always the answer – egg dumplings, fish liver.


  • Breakfast – omelet with vegetables, coffee.
  • Lunch is always the answer – baked sea bass, grilled vegetables
  • Afternoon tea – yoghurt, dandruff.
  • In the evening always the answer – spinach pie and eggs.


  • Breakfast – tuna roll plate.
  • Lunch is always the answer – pamukyer mAh. ear tea.
  • Afternoon snack – pancakes and cheese.
  • Always in the evening, the answer is – cooked mussels.


  • Breakfast – vegetable stew with egg
  • Lunch is always the answer – grilled meat, tea.
  • Afternoon tea – yoghurt and bran bread.
  • Always in the evening, the answer is cheese souffle with pumpkin.


  • Breakfast – scrambled eggs with salmon, diluted fruit juice.
  • Lunch always, the answer is chicken broth soup, tea.
  • Afternoon tea – yoghurt, dandruff.
  • Always in the evening, the answer is – turkey meatballs.


  • Breakfast – cottage cheese casseroles, coffee.
  • Lunch is always the answer – soup, cauliflower and Yesil tea.
  • Afternoon tea – Capricorn hair roll.
  • In the evening always the answer – pumpkin pie, chicken.


  1. Omelet breakfast – homemade eggs, lean ham, Yesil tea.
  2. Lunch is always the answer – pamukyer mAh. red ear fish.
  3. Afternoon snack – milk, cottage cheese.
  4. Always in the evening, the answer lean beef, Rooster, yogurt.


  1. Breakfast – 2 slices on Yesil coffee or tea.
  2. Lunch is always the answer – grilled chicken with herbs, milk, skim.
  3. Afternoon tea – cheese casserole skim natural yoghurt.
  4. In the evening always the answer chops, ground beef, herb tea.
  1. Breakfast – cheese, chamomile tea.
  2. Lunch always, the answer is – Grain Oat Bran, Yesil tea.
  3. Afternoon tea – cheesecakes ricotta, natural yoghurt.
  4. In the evening always the answer – fried sea bass, herbal tea.


  1. Breakfast – poached chicken, coffee or tea.
  2. Lunch is always the answer – pamukyer mAh. ear different with fish, mint tea.
  3. Afternoon tea – soy cheese, Yesil tea.
  4. In the evening always the answer – salad "Mimosa", decoction, rosehip.


  1. Breakfast – cottage cheese casserole citric, natural yogurt.
  2. Lunch is always the answer – a light soup with quail, herbal tea.
  3. Afternoon snack – Bran pancakes, yogurt.
  4. Always in the evening, the answer is the lean pork meat, milk.


  1. Breakfast 2 boiled eggs or omelet, coffee or chamomile tea.
  2. Lunch is always the answer – beef, veal, mint tea.
  3. Afternoon tea – cheese, natural yoghurt.
  4. In the evening always the answer – hindi juice, milk.


  1. Breakfast cream cheese, wheat, milk.
  2. Lunch is always the answer – pamukyer mAh. ear salmon, chamomile tea.
  3. Afternoon tea – oatmeal, Bran, milk.
  4. Always in the evening, the answer was squid, tofu, yogurt.


Whatever the fault, let, seven a diet that is unnecessary and brings the logical conclusion of the banned products yourself? Duke, in many cases, not despair and a loyal following tactics:

  • the next 2 days to make a protein;
  • if a malfunction, the phase of "Attack", extend it to 2 days;
  • to improve daily water consumption 2 liters;
  • sleep more than usual;
  • a daily walk should be at least an hour, the next 3-4 days;
  • limit your salt intake.

To prevent failure, some important rules to remember:

  • in stages "Cruise" and "Stabilization" the weight is going slowly, but that's not an excuse, unhinged and hope for tomorrow, incredulous obtained a desired shape;
  • the entire period should be allowed in the diet and just eat what's available is always at your fingertips;
  • don't blame yourself because he was never blocking a sense of guilt often leads to the seizure.

Which must be broken immediately improve the facilities, physical activity, and reward yourself for any victory and achievements, it's more fun. Diet the yield depend to a large extent, will, let, against, any place, and continue to lose weight even after the malfunction.

For every day the menu: Dukan diet table

Pierre Dukan protein diet is allowed to use certain food groups all at different periods of time. Here's the table with the recommendations of food. Consume and combine them together in any way, not fried dishes, to choose a better cooking method cooking or extinguishing.


It starts with a diet rich in protein, attack, Body, pure protein. At this stage to eliminate any products that contain carbohydrates, but diets according to the rules you can use it as a condiment, onions (1 pieces), garlic.

Product GroupLetForbiddenNote
MeatAny bird, veal, offal, rabbit meat, bacon without fatGoose and duck meatAny cooking oil except for the method of cooking
FishAll varieties canned in its own juice, smoked fish and rarely stick CapricornCanned butter
SeafoodAll, without exception,
Milk and milk productsWith all the fat content 1.5 %Milk and dairy products, high fat with sugar and additives
EggsUnlimited amounts of protein, egg yolks 3-4 pieces per week
BeverageWater, tea, coffee, chicoryFruit juices, lemonadeTea and coffee, wind, water, at least 2 liters a Without Gas
SpiceOnion, soy sauce, greens, tomato paste, lemon juice, saladLeek
Other productsShirataki noodles, 1 tbsp of vegetable oil .l. flax seeds, tofu, Seita, and goji berries


Daily menu including all the products of the previous table. In the days of protein you consume them. On protein and vegetable days, you can add this:

  • carrots;
  • cabbage;
  • beetroot;
  • Yesil any leafy salads;
  • Yesil beans;
  • leeks;
  • asparagus;
  • celery;
  • spinach.

Consuming herbal products in the period of this phase, low-sugar and starch. Should not be used for potatoes, beans, corn, pasta, avocado. One what foods are allowed salads, lemon juice or a little amount of oil, stew or bake them. In daily usage, 2 tablespoons of oat bran should be increased


Product GroupMayCannotServings
BreadRye-wheat 50 days
FruitAny prohibited exceptGrapes, bananas, dried fruits, cherry, sour cherry200 g / day
CheeseLow-fat – 15%40 g
Products with high starch content, andPotatoes, beans, rice, pasta, etc.150-200 g per week 1
SemolinaGrecia and rice200 grams rice, 150 grams of
MeatPork, beef, bacon, Lamb1-2 times a week
MoreMarshmallows, mayonnaise2 times per week, a very small amount

At this stage, the need to consume, every day, on an empty stomach at least 2 l of clean water 2 tablespoons of oat bran and

In the third stage, dietary protein restrictions, there's almost none of. To maintain normal weight but you have to give up foods that are high in sugar and starch. More precisely, the diet to join them, but extremely rare – 1 servings a week. Combine cooking oil products to prepare for it in any way.

To stabilize the phase, the basic fibrous remains of the diet food recommended by consuming vegetables, fruits and a limited number of grains. Protein fasting during the days that you should definitely do 1 a week.

Attack phase roll cucumber


Stability – this is not a scene, is limited to a period of time. After the previous 3 stages to revert back to a familiar diet. But it should be preferred fresh vegetables and protein products. Should limit consumption of starchy foods, bread, pasta, fatty meats, cheese and cereals.

For weight loss quickly recovered, have do sports, walk and lead an active lifestyle in the fresh air. Protein attack day once a week to make sure unloading menu's. Every day, consume 3 tablespoons of oat bran and drinking on an empty stomach needs to comply with the mode.


Achieve faster results for a weight loss diet Pierre Dukan needs to be a special emphasis during motor activity. The execution is simple exercise, daily walking and cycling positive health affect of people to lose weight and externally

Trim shape that provide hiking, gym. You can do 3 times a week. Use every opportunity to give move up. Will work on the texture of a Nov occurs rapidly slimming, and calories burned faster, split lipid deposits.

Stage "Stability"

The final phase of the Dukan diet all other less important non. Hard and already achieved the correct weight, but this phase of "Stability" to provide the whole save her life.

General rules

Too little rules and suggestions here already, and they are quite simple and do not require much effort. To maintain the correct body weight should be:

  • Never eat, only a slight saturation.
  • To be consumed 3 tablespoons of oat bran every day
  • Drink at least 2 l of liquid a day's wages to watch
  • To edit a pure protein day every week
  • Lead an active lifestyle – walk, walk, give up, lift, move more.

Allowable products

At this stage the attenuation of the banned products are already small enough, and quite easy to tolerate their lack of. First of all, this sugar and fructose. At the beginning of "stability" discourage the body sweet and it's just not necessary, it is still accustom him.

When choosing meals that need allowable the following rules:

  • any number of vegetables that can be consumed;
  • one serving of fruit a day (e.g., an apple, a plum or two a palm);
  • cheese – solid low-fat varieties, except for goat cheese and moldy;
  • meat low – fat kinds;
  • bird – skin without, the best a portion of the Tenderloin;
  • dairy products – low fat and lactose content;
  • limited amounts of salt;
  • bread – rye, whole grain, no more than 100 grams;
  • starch products – at most, two days;
  • daily rate Bran – 3 tablespoons

If all the previous phases Dukan Diet complete, accurate, then 4. in step the body has already re-a new working mode, active holiday calories aren't producing, fat stores, learn like a useful article.

In the stage of "stability" of transition, eating healthy and full to get rid of harmful eating habits: a tendency to eat, seizures, stress, etc.

Finally, phase stability and eating right and try to stick with the basics, freeing you to spend the day on a regular basis, stomach, respect, Dukan diet norm. Most importantly, use patience and "eating garbage". Numerous proteins, including the diet to build and strengthen every cell in the human body. If you obey the rules prescribed for each phase, I will forget about them forever outside of time visible results you create new habits and more weight.