Is how you lose weight. The basic ingredient

Slimming many underwater rocks that are waiting on the way, pebbles, gravel and only you will learn about this text. This is what is important in the weight loss process-day comfort, this approach will inevitably change life nutrition and starting to stick. Careful, gentle, careful, attentive, self-in this way.


Energy balance and calories

The first and most important thing to study and understand a simple and intuitive law, energy balance. As he said the word: "spend more calories than you eat and you — collected weight, less weight ". That's not important, what kind of foods were calorie or international. Also is not decisive, and then, with the bodies of courage and how it has been days, protein, fat and carbohydrate. Every man his own norm-calories (depending on the size, body and activity) – that will give you a ballpark figure “calculator calories Calculator under” Sonika logo. If you want to lose weight – to eat 10-20% less than normal. That's all, the rest is secondary. Nearly similar experiments carried out in different years and the result is the same: all the participants regardless of the lack of weight calorie foods in which they arrived. Joint decision on a calorie deficit. Even love in a strange study, where the lack of calories, lose weight , but then it appeared, everything — is just a lie of the subjects.

In other words, even to eat only one food, fast foods, however, with the lack of calories and still lose weight?! Yes, that's exactly it! We've done such an experiment (and time). One of the most famous: teacher, High School, school science experiment, fed only fast food for 3 months within the scope of John Cena. John thinned a decision that affected him a lot these 3 months to renew an experiment and this 17 kg than 3 months. A similar experiment with college student having a fast food Google allowed Jared to win, is the face of the company . He weighed 193 kg, with an increase of 185 cm, but one day, his life changed dramatically, and then began to eat the lack of calories. She came over, lack of yourself a diet: a turkey sandwich lunch 18 centimetres always, the answer is, sandwiches, vegetables always the answer + a Coke and a package of potato chips in the oven. For the first 3 months that weight 42 kg, 111 kg per year, this nutrition with the lack of calories. Slimming (but not into the hands of Health), the value of how much food (calories) instead of exactly. Jared Fogle weight 193 kg 82 power for years with the lack of calories.

Nov and oil

Why are you starving slimming

First thing comes to mind, then the energy balance law for the rest “more deficit, more and slimming”. If no or very little (300-500 kcal / day), a fast way to lose weight. That will certainly give a short term effect, but ultimately do more bad for a person because it will be only a pullback inevitable it's not possible, below the level of basic metabolism food for a long time. (the average woman 30 years, size 160 cm and weight 60 kg – base metabolism and the general norm about 1300 kcal per day – about 2000 kcal/day). Minnesota is very useful to remember here the famous "open" experiment 1944: a group of scholars under the supervision of male volunteers time sat in a long-term diet with calories under the level of their basic metabolism (Idi participants during the open phase of the experiment, the average food calorie 1570 kcal / day to six months). Every decision about what happened here a long time and will be food for everyone below the level of their own basic metabolism:

  • output, lethargy, decreased interest and discussions of hot issues for them before;
  • intense irritability and aggression, frequent outbursts of temper;
  • average heart rate the average heart rate decreased hunger up to 55 beats / min, and then moved only 35 body: energy-saving mode);
  • frequency of emptying the rectum that has become extremely rare once a week;
  • blood volume decreased by 10% decreased heart size;
  • appeared swelling of the facial area, knees and ankles, some rough skin;
  • appeared dizziness, Nov headaches, tinnitus, impaired coordination;
  • decreased libido, and then completely disappeared, steel testicles to produce less hormone, sperm count decreased, they have fewer moving;
  • output with mental health problems: scientists tests to detect many participants with hypochondriac, depression, hysteria.
mass the difference

A calorie deficit by eating under you too long, its got the same symptoms that may appear over time the level of basic metabolism, a participatory experiment. The results are almost always stalling, then the hunger as follows: to set more weight before hunger, and often because of the fat tissue to make the body more active stocks, only the calories of a food will increase. During the texture of Nov here are on a hunger strike, or vice versa pretty fast burned. This yo-yo effect: as a result, with each stage, less and less hunger and more fat in the body texture and more Nov. Therefore, the metabolic of painting itself, the angle from your eyes to the transmitter and you are here for a long time. Fibers and lymphoid tissue during slimming diets, largely due to the AC loss Nov fat does not give up and not from me at least. Weight loss during fasting, certainly, but this loss is temporary and definitely will be back, bigger damage and weight. On a diet hungry almost all the time, always ends the same way: the food served. The first is not possible because, suddenly and forever sit and 500-700 (and even 1200-1500) kcal / day, secondly, on the background of thriving in this regard the loss of nutrients that will help your depression. Therefore, suggestions, academics and professionals: believe in tomorrow weight, important to, if possible, slowly the deficit more than 20% of your calories. This strategy can give a stable result result.

Carbohydrate restricted diets. Water retention

A common feature of many popular diets are also less carbohydrate consumption. This is a very important detail, such as the balance of as well as calories, dictation, including leaf, or fat burning, body weight change is water that is held through May. So: delay of carbohydrates in the body water. Fat, not just water. Very well-maintained medium-sized, approximately 0.5 kg operational energy the amount of carbs there is a man (this substance called glycogen, liver, Jun, blood, and important life support and immunity). But an important detail: each 1 g carbohydrates 3 g delays still water.

strength and health

Therefore, if glycogen stores are exhausted (e.g., there's carb), the body is then able to very quickly, literally 1-2 kg 1-2 days tomorrow, incredulous by reducing carbohydrate reserves, and therefore, a larger “plum” water, carbohydrate reserves that you want to connect. (We describe in detail how it works, the text Lyle McDonald House: Usually 3500 kcal = 0.5 kg). There's a relationship there won't be this loss, burning body fat, but visible scales. Once again the carbohydrates you consume to begin (food, spaghetti, rice, wheat, bread) — liquid back to the body. And this is normal. DSO recommends that you get 50-55% - calorie, carbohydrate – this is great. However, to give a quick impression with the first day miracle effectiveness any diet supports the myth about calorie restriction. But let's just one step further and lists cons:

  • It's missing the carb due to limitations, not operational a layer of fat and depleted energy stores (glycogen) and water them about the ruins. That is only 1-2 kg less liquid your body becomes more beautiful and proportional.
  • This is a temporary phenomenon – first, a good carbohydrate servings. Ready, never have again completely give up carbs, bread, pasta, rice, buckwheat, sweet just)?
  • This limited case – only 0.5 kg glycogen in the body, so this method is 1-2 kg more “evacuation” is not. Therefore, this figure, in most cases, “slimming” and ends.
  • A mood of this damage, brain activity (carbohydrate – the main fuel of the brain), irritability, why, why, immune.

Pros and indisputable that carbohydrate restriction:

  • Carb, tasty, and easily switch between them to calories. Look carefully carbohydrate restriction provides, facilitates control from A own strength and overall calories.

Conclusion: no sensible limits carbohydrates (useful, less simple sugar), better if you restrict the calories, as a part of them. No special meaning to it “merge” the water is.

And exactly how does it work diets in review

“Kremlin diet”


Essence: here the authors write: — carb-an enemy, namely, carbohydrates, you get fat. Eat carbs and losing weight. Are allowed in the diet, only protein and some fat foods: meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit. Then, then, in the first stage, are allowed in the diet, add some carbs. Such acts actually: stock due to depletion of glycogen, in the early days of the diet due to weight loss plums, water. The Kremlin Diet Weight Loss Loss possible and live on top of the water (and fat Nov) the lack of kcal. Every 7-8 thousand Kcal = plus/minus 1 kg (7-8 thousand kcal Çanakkale connected to this norm, or full-or vice versa — with a similar lack Fed). What to do: eat carbs and don't worry about anything. Eat 10-20% less calories + Fiz nagruzki this from home, to lose the texture of Nov.

Kefir diet

Essence: some meat, vegetables and plenty of yogurt. You can drink Kefir, and as much as you want whenever you want. The fact that it behaves like: (and earlier) loss, moisture – 1-2 kg in the first day by reducing your carbohydrate (meat, vegetables, and yogurt are extremely less). Nov 7-8 thousand kcal oil every 1 kg loss and a lack of (or set yoghurt 1 kg of meat and oil obtained consume, the more personal the norm kcal). What to do: food, meat (or other food), beverage kefir (or any other moisture) and don't worry about anything. Eat 10-20% less calories + Fiz nagruzki this from home, to lose the texture of Nov.

How to lose weight: application

Now, when deeply familiar with scientific theory and psychological slimming underwater rocks, the attenuation in the path of the heads we are still a few useful practical (restrictions, calories, power). Experts says that only 10% of those who own slims and the result manages to hold back a long time. Still how to write a single source 95% of fine 1-5 years returns missing for a while. Hopefully, if not how it is written I carefully read all of this section, then a lot can increase your chances to succeed in getting 5%.

How's your own calories. Subtleties and nuances


Developed in 1990, the formula Mifflin-San Giorgio is considered one of the most simple and need to calculate the correct energy. Considering this in the formula calculator. Here is an example calculation of calories: an easier way to count them, overall daily energy expenditure – impact, body weight 30-35 kcal. Larger and more active a man is, the more you should focus on the upper limit. Women to pay more attention to the lower bound. For example, approximate calorie consumption for women: 60 kg * 32 (Central trains) = 1920 kcal.

Where to start with slimming and discard.

After reading this section, it is already an important first step. In turn this text is always if you are having difficulty, and answers. We recall the most important thing to a good to start slimming themselves and we act as if this is the case. Are here to help you achieve the most important principles for long-term success:

  1. Be aware, what your life will be forever embed innovations. Then how you look is not only genetic, but the end result, your lifestyle, how and what you eat, what you are doing. If it will be to change your habits is temporary and results weight loss is temporary.
  2. Like can act, more slowly, with the smallest steps. Don't force yourself and after a while you can change your life completely – because, most likely, this doesn't happen. Not long to go naked enthusiasm and willpower. Type new habits no more than 1 months. Start, for example, only how to feed observation: just about kcal count calories and just to understand I had to get used to it one day. Then slowly new habits to write: for example, buy yourself a couple of kilos of fruit and vegetables every few days (or at least several times a week). No movement to a large extent, this mode enter, slowly and forever, because this is as comfortable as possible, therefore, means nothing in a hurry.
  3. anorexia
  4. To make very careful and precise itself. Remember, encouragement award yourself with new, healthy habits, go on and help yourself (indulge yourself with your favorite products, even though it looks like they're not “healthy”), note, 10-20% is recommended diet, even among relatively “bad” foods and the whole diet in general is what I really love. Because these rules, and the force is with you now and forever – get they are comfortable.
  5. You a physical load. In this way, you feel much better it's not mostly fat reserves and you will lose weight, the muscles. A pastime that you yourself spirit. A very useful exercise to walk even an ordinary, enough to stay on.
  6. Their sheep HLS is a high priority. Try to upgrade the importance the highest priority in the timeline exercise. Ultimately, this positive impact and business, and family.
  7. The import process is a joy. It is a part of the most important processes. We believe that to lose weight easier, nicer and live in this way, mostly pleasant emotions.

Thank you, I read something and desire! Success! Take care of yourself!